Introducing the potty


Before you prepare your child for potty training while you’re away, it’s important to make sure they understand the routine at home. Knowing your child’s potty training personality is a good place to start.

If your child has a cautious personality, they’ll definitely want to learn all the potty training rules up front — so thoughtful explanation will be really important. Having your toddler teach a favorite stuffed animal or doll how to use the potty can bring comfort to a child with this personality as well.

If your child is high-energy, they won’t have the patience for a long explanation. You’ll have to follow their lead a little bit more so they feel in control. With a toddler who moves quickly — and has the attention span to match — making a game out of potty training can be really helpful. Keep the energy up by timing them on their way to the potty, singing while they sit or making flushing into the toilet’s fun “superpower.”

Prepare your on-the-go potty training kit


The first step to helping your child be successful when you’re away from home is making sure you’ve packed the right potty training tools:

  • Choose the right potty seat. If you’re going to Grandma and Grandpa’s overnight or taking a little vacation, bringing along your child’s portable potty chair might be helpful. Of course, you can’t exactly carry that thing into a restaurant or lug it through the mall. So having a comfortable way for your child to use a regular toilet is important too.
  • Check out the portable child-size potty seats that are easily available at many stores. Some even fold up, making them easy to fit into your purse or bag. Remember that you won’t have a sturdy stool when you’re at a public restaurant, so you’ll probably need to give your toddler a boost to get up on the big toilet.

  • Grab some Pull-Ups® training pants. Even if your child has already started wearing underwear, accidents can happen when you’re away from home and the potty isn’t just a room away at all times. To make cleaning up any messes easier, you might want to try putting your child back in Pulls-Ups® training pants when you’re on the go. Explain to your little one that it’s a temporary move to help you both feel more secure when you’re out and about.
  • Get the other essentials. When you’re shopping for potty training supplies with your son or daughter, grab some disinfectant wipes so you can clean up any accidents easily. Just be sure to keep them separate from your potty wipes. While the potty wipes are great for wiping up your little one, the disinfectant wipes can have harsh chemicals.


At home or away, thoughtful planning and some fun games can make potty training more successful for your child — and less stressful for you too. With the Find the Potty game download and these other fun potty training games, you can get your child’s attention and making learning fun!