Transitioning from diapers to training pants


As you’re getting ready for potty training, Pull-Ups® training pants can be an important step between diapers and underwear. Toddlers tend to feel like a Big Kid when they use these training pants, and they love picking out their favorite characters. Parents love them because they make clean up much easier than underwear when those inevitable accidents occur.

Before you hop right into using the potty, have your child practice pulling them up and down. It’s a new movement to master, and starting with just the Pull-Ups® training pants can make it easier. Once your child has become more comfortable, then you can have them practice with pants on too.

Getting buy-in from your toddler


Have a child who’s a little hesitant about switching to training pants — or who likes to get the details before they dive in? Play the Which Is Faster? game. It’s a fun potty training game that shows how much faster using the potty is than getting a diaper change.

Taking your child on a special trip to the store to pick out their own Pull-Ups® training pants is a good idea too. Also consider picking up other essentials like hand soap, a potty chair or potty seat, and some wet wipes for cleaning up.

When you return home, hide some potty-related items around the house and play the Pull-Up® Scavenger Hunt. It’s a great way to play a game together while learning — and it doesn’t require any toddler screen time.

Choosing the right clothes


When you’re potty training your child, be sure to keep that wardrobe simple. Bibs, lots of snaps and other complicated clothing can be frustrating for little ones! And kids tend to wait until the last minute to go to the potty — especially when they’re having fun playing — so getting clothes off quickly can mean the difference between success and an accident.

Dresses and sweat pants are perfect choices. Some parents even let their kids wear just training pants and a t-shirt at home in the early stages of potty training. 

So set aside that to-do list for a minute. Hide some training pants around your house. And get ready for a seek-and-find adventure with your little one. Soon, they’ll be excited to not just find those Pull-Ups® training pants but wear them too.

Just remember: Once you’ve introduced Pull-Ups® training pants, keep it consistent. Switching back to diapers can confuse your child.