Start introducing your child to the potty with the “Potty Training Race.” This game is designed to teach your child how to use the potty and also give your little trainee a cue word for when he/she really needs to go.

Potty Race Infographic

  • Place the potty chair somewhere in the room. Tell your child, “Here is the potty chair. When I say, ‘Time to Potty!’ you and I race to the potty and see who can sit down on the potty first. Whoever sits on the potty first wins!”
  • Play the game in every room of your house!
  • Increase the challenge to win: Extend the game as your child becomes quicker to keep him engaged. “Now, you’re getting really good at this. Let’s make it a little more challenging!”
    • Hide the potty chair in a different room so she can find it.
    • Time your child to see how quick he can find his potty chair, and encourage him to keep beating his last time.
    • Have your child practice taking her pants down before sitting on the potty.
    • Make the winning action peeing or pooping into the potty! “Now, In order to win this game, you need to go to the potty, pull your pants and Pull-Ups® down, and then put some pee or poop in the potty. When you do that, you win!”
    • Sing a little tune for your child when successful.