Old-fashioned sticker chart – Does your child have a favorite television character, an animal they love or an obsession with things like cars, trucks and trains? Whatever your child’s passion is, there is probably a sticker for it! Draw a sticker chart grid on poster board and allow your child to decorate it. Let your child place a sticker on the chart every time they successfully go to the potty. 

Popsicle® stick basket – Take a bunch of Popsicle® sticks and write a special activity reward on each one. You can pick activities such as remembering to go potty, putting on their Pull-Ups by themselves, going potty in a new bathroom – all these successes are worth celebrating. Place the sticks in a basket and let your child pick a stick after they successfully perform that activity.

Bathroom science – Going to the potty can also be a fun science experiment. Let your child put a few drops of food coloring in the toilet water after they pee and watch the color change. They can try a different color each time and see how the result differs depending on the color. It’s simply magic.

Piggy bank – You may not want to pay your child to go to the potty, but you can reward them with a penny each time. For a young child, putting a penny into a piggy bank, or a small mason jar, can be thrilling all on its own. Once they get to five pennies you can give them a nickel, and so on. Count it with them at the end of each day and celebrate their achievement.

Silly story time – Keep a pile of board books by the potty so your child can “read” while doing their business. If they’d like company, make this time a story time where you read aloud with your child and help them pass the time and not be anxious about going. Make this a bonding moment for both of you – this can set the tone for your parent and child relationship. You can even make your own potty training book!

Incentives can be a powerful tool for helping your child achieve potty training success. With small steps and constant reinforcement, your child will soon be on their way to potty training success.