Start Potty Training with Pull-Ups®!

We've got everything you need to prepare for potty training! Check if your toddler is ready to potty train. Then take our potty training personality quiz to find the best match for your Big Kid and specific tips for potty training their Cautious, Eager to Please, Free-Spirited, High-Energy or Shy Personality.

Getting Started

Get a Fun, Fast, and Easy start to potty training! The Pull-Ups® Potty Training Method lets you tailor potty training to your individual child. With just two quizzes, you can learn if your toddler is ready and find what will work best for their personality.


Cautious Personality

If your toddler is big on knowing details, rules, and “doing things right,” help them achieve potty training success with these guidelines. Find out if this is your child’s personality with our quiz.


Eager-to-Please Personality

Toddlers who tend to be enthusiastic and take direction well can get the most out of their potty training journey with your guidance based on this advice. Check if this is right for your child with our personality quiz.


Free-Spirited Personality

These tips can help you get your fun-loving, free-flowing toddler on track to potty training. See if your child matches the free spirit profile with our personality quiz.


High-Energy Personality

Got a toddler with boundless energy? Try these activities to help you keep them engaged in their potty training journey. If you’re not sure this personality is a match, take our quiz.


Shy Personality

If your toddler is resistant to change and suspicious of new things, learn how to gain their trust in the potty training process with these tips. Determine whether your child fits the Shy Personality with our personality quiz.