Shop with your child for new undies, letting them select various colors and styles that appeal to him. If they’re in the mood, have them test out the new undies with a bedroom fashion show.

Place a small, lined hamper in the bathroom for wet underpants. Your rambunctious child may swoop in and out of the bathroom to do his business before you even know it, so you want to have everything set up for dash-and-go use.

Try these Potty Talk scripts with your high-energy toddler:

  • “Here’s a bin of clean Big Kid underwear next to your Pull-Ups. This empty bin is for any dirty underwear. We throw dirty underwear in here instead of the garbage, where your dirty Pull-Ups go.”
  • “Here are some wipes. These can help you make sure you’re clean when you go to the bathroom on your own.”
  • “When you wear underwear, we will be using a timer and we’ll go sit on the potty every time it rings.”
  • “Each time you take a break, you get to play a fun game, like coloring, making music or playing with your Disney buddies. Ready to try? Let’s set the timer.”
  • “When you are wearing underwear and you don’t make it to the bathroom in time, your pants will become wet and pee may run down your legs. That’s OK. If that happens, just tell me and we’ll put your wet underpants into the laundry bin and get a new pair out of the basket.”