It’s Time to Get Creative

If you’re an artist at heart, you probably had a bunch of ideas pop into your head the moment you heard about a customized book for potty training. But if you’re not exactly the type of person who lives for creative projects, don’t worry. This one is easy. We promise. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start with a blank book. You can pick up a special blank book at the store, use a small spiral artist’s notebook with thicker pages, or laminate individual sheets and add them to a binder. But really, any inexpensive notebook will do too. Just make sure you have enough pages to tell your child’s potty training story — and that you can flip the pages easily while reading your newbook.

    It’s definitely destined to become your child’s go-to book for potty training, and they’re probably going to want to share it with grandparents, babysitters, and other grown-up friends and relatives who are cheering them on.

  • Outline the story. Before you start writing in the book, think about all the moments you’d like to include and write them down. Then you can add or rearrange ideas as they come up. Here are some ideas for suggested text:

    • Sometimes, I dance around and my tummy feels funny. That’s when I remember I need to use the potty.

    • I pull down my pants and sit on the potty.

    • Sometimes, pee comes out. Sometimes, poop comes out.

    • I feel so much better after I have gone potty! Ahhh.

    • When I sit on the potty, I can sing songs, look at a book or hold my favorite toy.

    • After I’m done, I use the toilet paper to wipe, wipe, wipe.

    • I put the toilet paper in the toilet and flush. It’s so loud!

    • I put on my training pants and pants.

    • I always wash my hands with soap after using the potty.

    • Now I can go play again!

    • Sometimes I use the potty before I get in the bathtub or go to bed.

    • Sometimes I use the potty just to see what will happen.

    • I feel proud and happy that I used the potty!

    • I feel like a big boy/girl when I use the potty!

  • Think about imagery. Do you want to create the book on your own? Or would you rather do it together with your child? If your toddler’s involved, you might want to have them draw pictures to match the words on each page. Or, if you’re handy with a pencil, you could sketch pictures and then let your child color them in with crayons or marker.

    Prefer not to draw? Use clip art from your computer, or cut pictures out of magazines and paste them in with a glue stick. You could even take some photos, print them out and add them to the book. Be creative! It doesn’t have to be professional. The key is to help your child begin to understand what’s expected as they train and learn how to control their little body.

  • Make your child the star! Be sure to include words and pictures that really make this potty training book unique for your child. Use their name for the main character and include favorite colors, toys, and friends or family.

  • Make the successful ending of the story a big celebration. You can even have a collection of stickers or stars your child can add to the last page every time they succeed. This will surely make the book their own and encourage a sense of empowerment and pride in becoming a Big Kid.

  • Start assembling. Once your words and images are planned out, get started. You’re sure to be your child’s new favorite artist and author (even if the result isn’t exactly social media worthy!).

With your book complete, it’s sure to become a favorite you’ll read while your child is on and off the potty. Throw it in your bag when you travel or go somewhere unfamiliar. Your child will find comfort in the routine of reading it when on a strange new potty. 

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